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Customized Solutions: Tailored for Your Operating Room.
Build your ideal package with the flexibility to tailor solutions precisely for your surgical team. Whether you seek the revolutionary back table and durable drape or the complete suite, including the Workflow Management App, our expert team will design a solution that aligns perfectly with your OR requirements.
Experience surgical precision and efficiency like never before with a customized DinamicOR package.

The DinamicOR Suite of Solutions Driven by Formula 1 – Unlocking Operating Room Excellence.


DinamicOR has developed an easy-to-implement suite of solutions to solve challenges in the operating room. Designed to optimize surgical workflows and elevate patient care, our adjustable, multi-tiered back table, custom fitted drape, and powerful workflow management app are here to revolutionize the operating room experience. 

DinamicOR brings repeatable surgical processes to the operating room, by harnessing the reliable and effective processes found in Formula 1 pit stops.

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