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High-Precision, Non-Invasive Surgical Skin Closures.

Designed to address the limitations of traditional suture and staple-based technologies

SAFER - Eliminates costly and concerning needlestick accidents and reduces the risk of site infections caused by skin piercing and suture wicking. Particularly effective in reducing needle phobia and anxiety for pediatrics patients. 

FASTER – Average 50% faster skin closure , proven in 8 clinical studies. (see Appendix). Quickly and uniformly pull wound edges together.


BETTER - Excellent cosmetic results. Non-invasive film technology which eliminates scar producing tension and unwanted "track marks" caused by sutures and staples.


Interlaced Design Technology:

Precision and Ease all in ONE Motion
• Interlaced Technology automatically aligns and locks in the skin edges at the same height
• Provides 3-Dimensional control of skin edge alignment
• Good contact of the dermal layers and proper healing
• Adhesive pads along the entire length of the incision, reduce tension on the wound edges resulting in great cosmetic outcomes.

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